Delivering happiness through sport & wellness

Bonne Mine provides corporate wellness services to inspiring companies

Bonne Mine is on a mission :

to increase the happiness of your employees in their everyday work-life.

What do we offer?

A simple solution that increases happiness at work thanks to sport

A selection of AWESOME Coachs

For various activities: Cross Training, Yoga, Pilates, Running, Boxing, Meditation and more…

Sessions directly at your workplace

We use the existing spaces to set up sport and wellness sessions

A global and easy management service

We provide a web app to facilitate the service

Are you HR, Happiness or Office Manager ?

Discover how Bonne Mine could fit in your company:

Our activities

A wide range of activities to satisfy your desires

Cross Training


Cardio Boxe




+ more on demand

To make your life easier

Stuff that matters

Sport equipments included

For qualitative sessions, Bonne Mine provides you with top equipments

Customer Support 24/7

Having a problem booking or paying online? Our team is always here to help you.

Online payment accepted for employees

You’d like to share cost with your employees? Your coworkers can pay online through our secure payment system.



This kit helps you to easily communicate about the setup of Bonne Mine in your company.

Email templates to announce the partnership


Stickers to share the love <3


Posters with motivational quotes (on demand)



Their employees are happier every week

“Twice a week we do yoga at MinuteBuzz and that contributes a lot to the well-being of our collaborators!”

Laure Lefèvre

CEO @MinuteBuzz

“Once a week, Bonne Mine comes to the office and takes care of us. The mix between “sport and fun” is really enjoyable!”

Philippe Gasly

Consultant @SportCarriere

“Every week we have our rendez-vous of Cross Training at the office with the team and it makes us feel good!!!”

Les sportifs du Slip

Coworkers @Le Slip Français

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Bonne Mine

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