The easiest solution for offering sport services to your employees

Bonne Mine is an all-in-one easy to set up solution
Discover how it works below:

Set up your session online

You can do that with just a few clicks on our website


Select an activity

Cross Training, Yoga, Cardio Boxing, Méditation… Des pratiques pour tous les goûts et tous les niveaux.

Define the slots that suit you

Vous êtes libre de choisir vos créneaux de pratique. Pultôt matinal ? Entre midi et deux ou en fin de journée ?

Assign a pratice space

Meeting room, chill room, cafeteria, or even outdoor: we adapt!.The sport fits in your offices and not the opposite.

Bonne Mine looks for the best coach

Our system takes over to find the coach that matches your search criteria. You then receive a confirmation by email with the selected coach.

Access to your “Manager Account”

To monitor your sport program in a company


Ask for you new slots

From your manager account, you will have the opportunity to request new slots by adding sessions.


Edit sessions

A change of room? A session that must be canceled because the weather is not good? You can do it from your account.


Follow your sport budget

Does your employees financially participates to the sport program? You will be able to track their payments and thus evaluate your costs more easily.

Finally: your coworkers book their sessions online

in a friendly user interface, btw 😉

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